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The principal of the Bondura® bolt is ingenious and simple. The bolt itself is tapered at both ends. The cone sleeves with corresponding tapering are assembled and expand on the bolt upon tightening. Thus, the Bondura® bolt is secured to the support.

The Bondura® bolt eliminates play and repair ovality that might have occurred caused by wear and tear and general pounding. When new equipment is manufactured, assembly play can be built in, that is absorbed by tightening the Bondura® bolt. This will result in easier assembly of equipment and an extremely solid connection, avoiding future play.

Disassembly of the Bondura® bolt is very simple as the bolt is loose when the cone sleeves are removed. We have also developed separate extraction equipment to make the job even easier. The Bondura® Multi-Tool is available for both rental and purchase.


Asia Giken

Stud Welding System

Asia Giken manufactures a range of high quality stud welding systems and industrial fasteners by their in house system. Using a high speed, steady production system, Asia Giken is able to answer the demands of welding studs, female studs and various industrial fasteners through their expertise and technologies. Supported by new techonolgies in stud arc welding development, Asia Giken continuously improves to meet the needs of customers.

A key product of Asia Giken is the stud, welded by the capacitor discharge (CD) method which forms a projection that generates the arc, and the timber of flux can be welded without using it. The CD system is a momentary stud welding system with a weld time of 1/1000 second, using energy accumulated by the capacitor group with original design and performance. Due to extremely low ark heat/ merge, distortion and transformation on the back of the base material hardly occurs. The system is suitable for welding a laminate or a delicate surface-treated base material, and has features impossible in other welding methods. Every stud passes though stringent quality inspection and is marked with the A Mark Asia Giken Co., Ltd. Orginal at the rear end.



Magnetic Filters

Utilizing new magnet technology, One Eye Industries Inc has manfuctured an extensive product line to work with and compliment existing filtration systems and or replace them with reusable stainless screen filters. OEI rare earth magnetic filters are long life filters that allow extended maintenance schedules, increased fluid and equipment component life.

Industry research states ferrous particles under 10 microns in size are the most damaging contaminants in air compression, water, lubrication, hydraulic fluid, coolant and fuel systems. The rate at which contamination enters these systems is greatly underestimated and understated. Likewise, the effectiveness of traditional filters at removing metal contaminants is greatly overstated.

OEI magnectic filters can effectively filter particles under 10 microns in size as well as statically charged non-ferrous particles. Magnetic filtration has practical and beneficial applications for all industry: chemical processing, oil & gas refining, manufacturing, construction equipment, transportation, marine and pulp & paper.



Hydraulic High Pressure Technology

For more than 35 years, Schaaf GmbH & Co. KG is involved in the development and manufacturing of hydraulic high-pressure tools and hydraulic highpressure components. The advantages of the hydraulic pretension mechanism tools come to use in all field of application. With the screw tensioning devices and hydraulic nuts, connections can be tightened with the highest degree of accuracy. During pure axial pretension force creation, no torsion force occurs, the screws are not subjected to force and twisting does not occur. It contains a significant plus for safety and an ease to work with hydraulic systems.

Additional products like ExpaTen Bolts provide easy mounting and dismounting of drive shafts with flanges, while Griploc is doing the same for flangeless shafts. Both can transmit high end values of torque.

MSN Multiple Stud Nut is a new product range which generates axial pretensioning without hydraulic – instead it is using torque on many smaller bolts located round on the pcd of the nut.

Schaaf GmbH & Co KG is specialized in the development and manufacturing of:

  • - Bolt Tensioners
  • - Hydraulic nuts
  • - MSN Multiple Stud Nuts
  • - ExpaTen bolts
  • - ExpaTen 2
  • - GripLoc - connection for shafts and axles
  • - ExpaHub
  • - Oil press fits
  • - Hydraulic high-pressure pumps
  • - Hydraulic high-pressure accessory
  • - Control and automatic control systems
  • - MDS Mounting Documentation System
  • - TTG Tensioned Thread Geometry
  • - TSI Tool Service Indicator / TMS Tool Management System


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